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In a world full of noise, sometimes it's difficult to make yourself heard. What if you could get your audience to passionately engage with your message? What if you could effortlessly persuade your customers about the brilliance of your product? What if you could easily inspire your team to move things to the next level? Take some simple steps to get into your flow and you can. At In Flow Training we will help you, your team and your business to unlock your potential and stand out from the crowd.

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Pitches. Meetings. Presentations. Twitter. Phone Calls. Emails. The list goes on. Whether we like it or not, we all spend a huge percentage of our day communicating with others. So why do we spend so little time practicing and perfecting these essential skills?

We'll share the secrets used by the world's top actors and presenters to help you communicate like a pro.


Effective teamwork begins with effective communication. It creates trust and increases creativity. Once the team decides together what they are going to achieve and how they are going to do it, imagine the effect on motivation, ownership and accountability.

Drawing on techniques used by the world's top sports-people, we'll work with you to unlock the power of your team.


Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump. Effective leaders. Very different styles. Which goes to prove that there is no set way to do leadership. It has to be authentic.

Which qualities do you need to turn up and which do you need to turn down in order to become a really effective leader? We'll help you to discover your unique leadership style and move from good to great.

What we can help you do

  • Engage

    The Art Of Communication

    Each of us has a unique voice. We all have a story to tell. Engaging your audience and creating impact is simply a case of knowing how to unlock that authentic voice in order to tell that story with passion and commitment. Actors do this effortlessly and once you've learned some simple skills you will too.


    The Perfect Pitch

    You've got great ideas. But how do you convince other people of their greatness? Many of us find the idea of selling uncomfortable but if you can't pitch, nobody will buy your products. We'll help you craft and deliver a compelling story that your audience will instantly fall in love with.


    Leadership With Impact

    A strong vision is important. But it's meaningless if you can't communicate it in a way that moves others to action. The most successful leaders have an ability to inspire and motivate their audience. They are able to land their message and truly connect to those that are listening. We can teach you how.

  • Impact

    Meetings That Matter

    Have you ever left a meeting wishing you'd been more successful at getting your point across? Do you find you have great ideas but have real difficulty articulating them? Do you struggle to answer questions under pressure? The techniques that we teach will make these problems a thing of the past.


    Bringing Ideas To Life

    Fear of failure is the biggest single block to creativity. If you can't take risks then dreams can never become reality. For ideas to flourish you need to develop an environment where people feel safe to try things out and even get things wrong. Our creative brainstorming sessions can bring your ideas to life.


    Creating Powerful Results

    Sometimes we need an outside perspective to help us gain clarity. Not someone telling us what to do, or how to do it. Just stimulation and provocation. In Flow's tested approach will help you set a vision, define the steps and create the buy-in and accountability necessary to actually make things happen.

Our Founder

Team Member

Dominic Colenso

A specialist in communication and leadership, Dominic has been delivering training and one to one coaching in the private and public sectors for the last 10 years.

Beginning his career as an actor, Dominic worked extensively on stage and screen before going on to train as a director at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. As an actor he has worked in many of the country's leading theatres including The National Theatre and The Royal Court and has appeared on film in everything from BBC period dramas to big budget action movies. As a director he has directed productions throughout the UK and between 2007 and 2012 he regularly produced shows onboard the Cunard QM2 and QE2 cruises ships which were enjoyed by audiences all around the world. Also in demand as a teacher, Dominic continues to give acting classes at RADA and several of the country's other leading drama schools.

Dominic's experience in the arts has led to a fascination in how the use of the body, breath and voice can influence performance and how the techniques used by actors can be translated into the world of work. Building on these ideas, he set up In Flow Training in order to bring his innovative training methodology and techniques to a wider audience.

Our Philosophy

Our objective is simply to unlock the potential of everyone we work with. We believe that the best communicators, leaders and teams are grown, not just born, so our work focuses on developing and nurturing talent in order to help people find their flow.

So what is flow? Have you ever been lost in the moment? Working on a task with such commitment and focus that time flew by without you even noticing? That is flow. It's a state experienced by top performers in every field. From sports-people to actors, from entrepreneurs to craftsmen. Often we find ourselves in flow naturally but sometimes we find ourselves blocked. In those situations, flow is achieved by preparing mentally, physically and technically for the task in hand. When you work with us that's exactly what we'll help you do.

Buy 1, Give 1

We really believe in the impact and importance of the skills we teach. Many of our clients describe them as "life changing". So that got us thinking. Why wait until you're an adult with responsibilities to learn this stuff? Surely they should be teaching it in schools?

Unfortunately they're not. Until now.

We've decided that, with your help, we want to give something back and help future generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders to communicate with impact from the word go. No mumbling, stumbling or hiding behind the powerpoint! So, for every day of training our clients buy, we'll give an hour to the schools that need it most, helping them to nurture the talent of tomorrow.

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